Man shot and killed inside his garage

SAN DIMAS, CA – A 42-year-old man was shot and killed in his garage on Tuesday night in San Dimas, and detectives are investigating whether he had been followed home and deliberately targeted. Nicholas Simbolon was found dead, suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest, on the 1800 block of Hawbrook Drive. Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to the call around 7 p.m.

Surveillance footage obtained from a nearby residence captured possible gunshots in the usually quiet neighborhood. Several of Simbolon’s belongings were missing, leading detectives to consider the possibility of a follow-home robbery. A gray Tesla, believed to contain potential evidence, was removed from the deceased’s garage for further investigation.

At present, there are no identified suspects or motives linked to the shooting. It has, nonetheless, sparked concern among local residents, with some, like Trevor Taylor, taking additional steps to bolster their home security.

Tributes to Simbolon are mounting, with family members and friends remembering him as a kind, religious man who was devoted to his family. “That’s why it is even harder for us to realize, you know, why? Why does it always happen to a good man?” Fanny Prentice, Simbolon’s aunt, questioned.

Officials have yet to make any arrests or provide a suspect description. The investigation remains ongoing, with authorities urging anyone with information to contact the sheriff’s department or provide anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers.