Husband sentenced for burying his wife alive

WASHINGTON, WA – Last month, Chae Kyong An, a 54-year-old man from Washington State, pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder. The sentencing for his shocking crime, which involved burying his estranged wife alive in 2022, has now resulted in a 165-month prison sentence followed by three years of community custody.

In October of the previous year, An assaulted his estranged wife, stabbed her, and then bound her with duct tape before burying her alive in a woodland, stated The Olympian, citing court paperwork. In the midst of the harrowing ordeal, she managed to call 911 through her Apple Watch.

After 12 hours in the makeshift grave, the woman released herself from the bindings and sought help, running to a house in Olympia and banging on the door for assistance slightly after midnight. She informed the residents about her husband’s attempt at her life, which involved him abducting her and taking her to the woods.

During An’s sentencing hearing, the woman provided more details about the incident. She said she had pleaded with An during the attack to think of their children, which he ignored.

An admitted to officers during his plea agreement that he had planned to harm his wife and that he had abducted her, took her to the woods, and then placed her, bound, in a hole before covering it with branches.

The victim claimed she and her children’s lives have been irrevocably marked by the assault. She told the court in her statement, “I have to live my life with emotional trauma and health issues for the rest of my life.”