Six injured in shooting outside nightclub

WASHINGTON D.C. – Late Friday night, a spree of violence occurred outside Decades nightclub in Dupont Circle, resulting in six people being injured, including a security guard. Metropolitan police reported that a man, recently ejected from the establishment, retaliated by drawing a firearm and shooting into the crowd.

The incident took place around 11 p.m. along the 1200 block of Connecticut Avenue NW. Law enforcement officials stated the shooting was triggered by a confrontation that occurred on the street shortly after the individual was removed from the nightclub.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) stated that all six of the wounded are in recovery from non-life-threatening injuries, with one individual being treated at the scene. Numerous bullets shattered windows in the crowded nightlife district. However, it remains unclear whether the victims were inside or outside the building when the incident unfolded.

Police apprehended the suspect and confiscated a firearm shortly after the event.

Despite this incident, crime statistics in the District for the year so far have generally shown a decline. Current data from the MPD illustrates a 25% decrease in violent crime. Furthermore, assaults with a deadly weapon, a category this incident will be classified under, have declined by 31% compared to last year. In total, documented crimes have seen a 14% decrease.

This trend occurs as the District strives to reinforce the diminished ranks of its police department, currently staffed by 3,323 officers. Police Chief Pamela Smith asserted that, ideally, the force would consist of 4,000 officers. To help remedy the shortfall, an in-person recruitment team has recently been initiated to scout locations throughout D.C. and across the U.S.