Man kills his wife and daughter during argument

EAST MARLBOROUGH TOWNSHIP, PA – A 76-year-old man is in police custody, accused of killing his wife and daughter following a dispute in their home while he was cleaning a gun. Pennsylvania resident Roger Hanks was arrested on Thursday night by the local police after his wife, Judith Hanks, 75, and his 37-year-old daughter, Emily Hanks, were found shot dead in their home in East Marlborough Township.

Chester County District Attorney Chris de Barrena-Sarobe outlined the alleged offenses, claiming that Roger Hanks shot and killed his family after what was termed a ‘basic dispute.’ The argument erupted around 3 p.m. when Roger Hanks was reportedly cleaning his 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun at home. As stated in the charging documents, during the altercation, Roger Hanks reportedly warned his wife, “If you keep up, this thing is going to go off on you.”

Further escalation led to him allegedly threatening to shoot his wife if she didn’t stop. The situation then took a dire turn when Hanks’ gun allegedly discharged, hitting Judith in the chest. Upon witnessing this, Emily Hanks reportedly confronted her father in anger, leading to him shooting her once in the chest.

A neighbor called the police after Roger Hanks shared his brutal crime with her. He was arrested without resistance and subsequently charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Unfortunately, despite immediate on-scene medical assistance, both Judith and Emily Hanks were pronounced dead.

During the police inquiry, Roger Hanks allegedly stated that his intent was to shoot his family in the chest and showed pride in his shooting skills, claiming to be the “best of the best”. Should Roger Hanks be convicted of the murder charges he stands accused of, he could face a sentence of life imprisonment without parole or even the death penalty.