Woman’s Body Discovered In Landfill More Than Five Weeks After She Disappeared

Renee Benedetti, a 40-year-old woman from Columbus Ohio, was tragically killed in January. On Wednesday, after a month-long investigation by the Columbus Division of Police, her body was found in a Rumpke Waste facility in Brown County.

Her boyfriend, Gene Scott Jr., has been charged with one count of murder in her death.

The events that lead to the tragic death of Renee Benedetti began on January 26th when she was reported missing. Less than two days later, on January 28th, her boyfriend was arrested in Kentucky on an unrelated weapons charge, and then extradited to Ohio. This prompted the Columbus Police Department to reach out to the Columbus Division of Police about a possible homicide.

Investigators searched the landfill for two weeks, uncovering her body on Wednesday, February 20th. Scott later allegedly confessed to choking Benedetti “until she was motionless” following an argument. He then wrapped the body in a rug and disposed of it in southern Ohio.

According to Cmdr. Mark Denner of the Columbus Division of Police, Scott is believed to have acted alone in Benedetti’s death. He has been charged with one count of murder and the investigation was concluded.