Teens fishing find human remains in remote pond

FLOWOOD, MS – A chilling discovery was made in a secluded pond in Rankin County, where additional human remains were uncovered a day after a human leg was found. The Flowood Police Department was alerted to the situation around 7:15 p.m. on Sunday by a group of teenagers who stumbled upon the gruesome find while fishing near Mangum Road. The partial remains were promptly collected by the Rankin County Coroner.

Detective Sean Haddakin, who is leading the investigation, expressed uncertainty about the duration the leg had been in the area. Haddakin also confirmed the finding of more body parts at the same location on Monday. The investigation team spent the majority of Monday meticulously searching the pond for further evidence.

While it is still too early in the investigation to determine if the incident involves foul play, Haddakin revealed that the pond is located on city property, albeit in a remote area. The area is marked with ‘No trespassing’ and ‘No fishing’ signs, with minimal traffic in its vicinity. The teenagers who made the initial discovery were reportedly fishing in the retention pond against regulations.

Brett Ishee, with Rankin County EOC, likened the discovery to finding a “needle in a haystack.” The teens had hooked a sock attached to human remains, triggering the investigation. The pond, known to be a habitat for alligators, now becomes a focal point for investigators piecing together clues.

Haddakin stated, “As part of this investigation, we are reviewing all the missing persons reports from this area and broadening it out from there. We need to identify male, female — we don’t have any of that information at this time.” All evidence collected from the shallow waterway has been sent to the coroner and the state crime lab for further analysis.