Man arrested for high-speed chase steals cop car and continues to run

COWETA COUNTY, GA – A high-speed chase unfolded in Coweta County on Wednesday when Antavious Boyd, a man in handcuffs, commandeered a patrol car. The incident began when officers pulled Boyd over for tailgating another vehicle, intending to give him a warning. The situation took a turn for the worse when they discovered Boyd was operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

Instead of complying, Boyd accelerated, initiating a dangerous chase. Dashcam footage showed Boyd overtaking a school bus on a double yellow line, narrowly missing an oncoming car and a semi-truck. Authorities reported that Boyd reached speeds over 100 mph during the chase.

Attempts to halt Boyd using a PIT maneuver were initially unsuccessful, as he swerved into oncoming traffic to evade the officers. The pursuit temporarily ended when Boyd was detained at gunpoint. However, moments after being secured in the back of a patrol car, Boyd managed to move his handcuffs to the front, took control of the driver’s seat, and sped off.

This unusual scenario forced the deputies into the unenviable position of chasing one of their own vehicles. They eventually executed a successful PIT maneuver against the stolen patrol car. Despite this, the chase didn’t end there. Boyd attempted to flee on foot until he was subdued and recaptured with a Taser.

Boyd now faces multiple charges, primarily felonies. If Boyd had complied initially, he might have been released within an hour for his suspended license. Instead, he now faces additional charges related to a collision during the chase involving the patrol car, which led to minor injuries to an elderly woman.

The Georgia State Patrol is currently investigating the traffic accident that occurred during the chase. Boyd was booked into the Coweta County Jail on numerous charges, including three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of fleeing to elude, and reckless driving. As of Thursday, he remains in jail without bond.