Family dogs protect lost toddler in Michigan forest

FAITHORN, MI – A toddler from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, who had wandered away from her home, was discovered safe and sound in the woods, cuddling with one of her two pet dogs. The 2-year-old girl had ventured out of her home in Faithorn, Michigan, with her two dogs on Wednesday evening, according to state police.

The Michigan State Police (MSP) troopers from the Iron Mountain post were summoned to the child’s home in Menominee County around 8 p.m. on Sept. 20. The toddler had reportedly strayed from her home, prompting a search operation involving drones, police dogs, local police, and civilians from Michigan and neighboring Wisconsin.

The search was challenging due to the presence of farm animals in the area, according to the girl’s mother, Brooke Chase. However, the toddler was eventually found by a local resident driving an ATV around midnight, approximately three miles from her home.

The little girl was discovered asleep in the woods, using the smaller dog as a pillow, while the other dog lay beside her, providing warmth and protection. Following a medical examination, the toddler was reported to be in good health.

Michigan State Police Lt. Mark Giannunzio described the incident as “really remarkable,” highlighting the protective role the family dogs played in keeping the child safe. The dense forest landscape of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which borders three of the Great Lakes: Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron, is known for its robust wilderness.