Man who went by the moniker “King Arthur” accused of beheading father-in-law

BANJAR CITY, INDONESIA – Arthur Leigh Welohr has a criminal conviction for a previous sword attack in San Francisco involving two victims back in 2015.

Welohr was allegedly involved in a dispute with the two victims, both in their 50s, near the Interstate Highway 280 overpass on Elmira Street. The suspect is accused of drawing a sword and attacking the pair, causing injuries to both.

The male victim sustained injuries to his head, hand, and shoulder, while the woman suffered cuts to her hands. Responding officers apprehended Welohr at the scene. The victims were transported to San Francisco General Hospital, where they received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

Welohr, who uses the moniker KingeArthur on Twitter and Arthur King Mann on Facebook, had previously listed a “Venetian war hammer” for sale on the website 5miles, describing it as “battle-ready.”

Last night he was arrested for the murder of his father-in-law in Indonesia. Allegedly by beheading. Indonesia requires disclosure of previous criminal convictions approved by a court for legal entry. According to Indonesian authorities, that disclosure was provided.

Arthur is currently being detained for stabbing to death his father-in-law Agus Sopiyan (58) in Banjar City, West Java, Indonesia.