Violent armored car robbery ends in murder of guard

DALLAS, TX – In a chilling turn of events, a robbery in Dallas on Friday morning ended in the fatal shooting of an armored car guard. The incident, which took place in the 100 block of South Carroll Avenue, saw local law enforcement rushing to the scene.

The guard, 52-year-old David Ruback, was in the process of delivering cash to a business when he was ambushed. As he neared the business’s entrance, an unidentified individual approached and shot him. The Dallas Police Department (DPD) has confirmed that the assailant then made off with the courier bag full of cash.

The suspect, along with an accomplice, fled the scene in a white Chevrolet Impala. Ruback was immediately transported to a hospital, but unfortunately, he did not survive his injuries. The suspects’ vehicle remains unlocated.

The DPD is actively seeking any information regarding the suspects or the vehicle, urging anyone with knowledge to contact 911. The incident has left the community reeling, underscoring the inherent risks armored car guards face and the pressing need for improved security protocols.