Seven people gunned down at Mexican resort

Residents of the small town of Cortazar, Mexico were hit with a heartbreaking tragedy on Saturday when a brutal shooting occurred at the La Palma resort, leaving seven people dead, including a seven-year-old child.

Footage circulating on social media of the attackā€™s aftermath revealed scenes of shock and devastation as adults and children sadly made their way past piles of bodies near the swimming pool.

The identity of the perpetrators has yet to be confirmed, but evidence suggests that they most likely belong to one of the various drug cartels that have been locked in fierce territorial battles over drug trafficking routes throughout the state.

Reports mention that the assailants were heavily armed, and it appears they were able to damage the resort store and steal the security cameras and the monitor as they made their escape from the scene.

Unfortunately, violence has become all too common in Mexico in recent years, with thousands of people losing their lives each year at the hands of drug-related activities. While the Mexican government has taken action to combat the problem by increasing security measures and putting down hard-line tactics on the cartels, the situation has yet to improve. With many saying the violence has only turned worse.