Stash house raided where teen migrant girls were being held for trafficking

On Wednesday night, an unsuspecting small town in Texas received a shocking wake-up call as a tactical team breached a home believed to be a ‘stash house’ for sex traffickers. In a joint effort between the Socorro Police Department and anonymous tipsters, seven girls were saved from a dangerous and traumatic situation.

At the scene, Chief David Burton declared that the safety of the victims were of the utmost importance. He stressed that this rescue was not a criminal investigation, but rather a caretaking initiative. To ensure the wellbeing of those inside the home, three female officers were included in the team to provide the young girls with much needed support.

After being provided with medical treatment, no injuries were reported. This is unsurprising given the dedication and expertise of the Socorro Police Department, who declared the area safe and determined that there was no risk to the public.

As the investigation continues, the two neighbors who have lived in the surrounding area for four years revealed their shock that this was the first time they had seen any criminal activity in the quiet street. This environment, coupled with the victim’s age, shows just how malicious the crime really is.