Second mass shooting hits Louisville

A second mass shooting in less than a week has shaken the city of Louisville, Kentucky, resulting in the deaths of two people at Chickasaw Park on Saturday.

At Chickasaw Park, shots were fired into a crowd. This gunfire left two dead and four others injured. The police arrived at the scene around 9 p.m. following reports of the shooting.

While there were hundreds of people present at the time of the attack, Louisville Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey revealed during a press conference that no witnesses have come forward. The identity of the shooter or shooters remains unknown.

Deputy Chief Humphrey directly addressed the person or persons responsible for the shooting, urging them to turn themselves in. He stated that their best course of action would be to surrender and stop any further violence.

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg also commented on the city’s recent surge in gun violence, referring to the past week as an “unspeakable week of tragedy.” He recalled the earlier horrific workplace shooting that took the lives of five citizens and lamented the latest act of reckless gun violence that unfolded on Saturday.

Among the four injured in the Chickasaw Park shooting, one individual remains in critical condition and has undergone surgery.

The park is situated only five miles from the site of the previous week’s bank shooting, in which a bank employee killed five people before being shot by police.