Security guard stabbed to death at Macy’s store

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A horrific incident occurred at a Macy’s department store in Center City Philadelphia, resulting in the death of a security guard and another one wounded following a stabbing incident on Monday morning. The store is located just a block away from City Hall, at 13th and Market Streets.

Police report that the incident unfolded around 10:45 a.m., instigated by an attempted robbery. A male suspect, attempting to steal several hats, was intercepted by the store’s security personnel. While there was an initial confrontation, the security guards retreated after retrieving the merchandise, allowing the suspect to leave the store.

Upon his return to the store approximately 15 minutes later, the suspect allegedly targeted the security guards with a knife. One guard was attacked, and when the other intervened, he was also stabbed multiple times.

Both victims were rushed to the hospital, where one was pronounced dead at 11:19 a.m. The fatally wounded guard, a 30-year-old man, was stabbed in the neck, according to police. The other guard, aged 23, suffered stab wounds to his face and left arm but is currently in stable condition at the hospital. The identities of both guards are yet to be released.

Authorities reported that the suspect fled the scene using SEPTA transportation, dropping a knife en route on the SEPTA property. He was later apprehended at the Somerset station around noon, recognized by witnesses and taken into custody. Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford confirmed that the security guards were employed directly by Macy’s and were unarmed.

Stanford mentioned that Macy’s has had a substantial number of retail thefts, reporting over 250 incidents this year at the Center City location. Investigations into this tragic stabbing incident continue.