Man accused of stabbing his mom to death at her home

BROOKLYN, NY – A local man, Vladislav Deshkovich, is facing murder charges for the alleged stabbing of his mother, which has left their Brooklyn neighborhood in shock. On Friday evening, 30-year-old Deshkovich reportedly stabbed his 52-year-old mother, Inna Deshkovich, several times in the neck, resulting in her death, say law enforcement officials.

Neighbors in the area recall the harrowing scene. Local resident Mitchell Jakuboski reported that some of the neighbors in the area heard the woman screaming. After hearing the commotion, one community member went to check on the house.

Jakuboski, who was acquainted with the victim for almost six years, relayed what another neighbor experienced after approaching the home: “She came up and knocked on the door. The son answered the door and he said, ‘oh, I hit my mother in the head. I gotta take her to the hospital,’ and he shut the door.”

Forensic teams were seen taking evidence bags from the apartment on Friday night. The location where Deshkovich was arrested remains undisclosed. However, he was in custody by Friday night and subsequently charged with murder by Saturday morning. Neighbors expressed their shock and grief over the incident. Her community remembers Inna Deshkovich as a quiet, kind-hearted individual.

The tranquil neighborhood is still coming to terms with the shocking incident. Most residents were unfamiliar with the accused, who resided only a short distance away. Oddly, the accused had expressed ambitions of entering politics according to his social media posts, often pictured with local leaders.

Deshkovich is set to be arraigned at Kings County Criminal Court on Saturday evening.