Second woman found dead at firefighter’s house

ST. LOUIS, MO – A seemingly sudden death of a Missouri doctor is being investigated following her unexpected demise at her fiancé’s residence. The event is particularly unusual as another woman was found dead at the same man’s house over three years ago. Dr. Sarah Sweeney was found lifeless at a house in Westwood, St. Louis on January 13 with no obvious signs of trauma.

While the Frontenac Police Department awaits autopsy results, investigators are treating Sweeney’s passing as a sudden death. According to Sweeney’s mother, the house at which Sweeney was found is the residence of her fiancé, local fire captain Robert Daus.

This incident casts a shadow over an eerily similar event from July 2020, when Daus called 911 to report that his then-fiancée, Grace Holland, allegedly shot herself in the head in front of him.

Despite a ruling of suicide, Holland’s family disputed the decision, pointing out discrepancies like the fact that she was right-handed but reportedly shot herself in the left temple. Holland’s family subsequently sued Daus for wrongful death, citing financial control, threats to terminate the relationship, and suspected domestic violence.

As investigations into Sweeney’s death unfold, the doctor’s family recalls their concerns about her relationship with Daus and a sudden lack of communication from her since November 2021. Sweeney, who had recently set up her own podiatry practice, had been dealing with mast cell activation syndrome and a bone disorder at the time.