Remains of missing woman found in backyard BBQ pit after five years

After five years of hoping for her safe return, the family of Miranda Rodriquez received devastating news on Monday. Her remains were finally identified, extinguishing any remaining glimmer of hope for her to still be alive. The discovery was made when a man hired to clean a backyard barbecue pit stumbled upon a human skeleton. The shocking revelation has left her family heartbroken and seeking justice for the precious life that was lost.

In August 2017, as Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Houston, Miranda Rodriquez’s family desperately searched for her. They had last heard from her when she had contact with her father, discussing a meeting place. However, she never responded after that, leaving her loved ones deeply concerned. In July of 2022, when a grim discovery was made at 5207 Peach Creek Drive. The human remains found in the barbecue pit were confirmed to be those of Miranda Rodriquez.

Brandi Rodriquez, a relative of Miranda, expressed her heartbreak over the news. She emphasized that Miranda was not just a nobody but a precious somebody to their family. The fact that her remains were left undiscovered in the backyard of a house for such a long time without any answers is both disgusting and unacceptable. The proximity of the location to the homes of other relatives further shocked the family.

Houston police homicide detectives have now taken over the investigation, bringing a glimmer of peace to Miranda’s family. They can finally bring her home and give her the proper service she deserves. However, alongside the closure, there is a painful realization that someone committed a heinous act against Miranda. The family is determined to seek justice for her and hold the responsible party accountable.