Georgia teens face murder charges after egging vandalism turns deadly

Three teenagers in Georgia are now facing felony murder charges after a prank involving egging turned tragic. Sydney Maughon, Jeremy Munson, and McKenzie Davenport are accused of malice murder, battery, and criminal trespass in connection with the shooting death of Johnathan Gilbert, also known as Tyler Lane. The incident occurred on July 3rd, according to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

Sydney Maughon, who allegedly fired the fatal shots that killed Gilbert, is facing additional charges of murder, aggravated assault, as well as firearm possession during the commission of a crime. Her battery charge is considered a crime of “family violence.” Jeremy Munson is also facing similar charges. The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office stated that investigators were able to establish a direct link between the victim and the suspects through a witness who provided information related to the shooting.

Law enforcement tracked a cell phone to a residence in Henry County after locating a phone number assigned to one of the defendants. They found the car used on the night of the incident parked outside the residence. Detectives were able to get a search warrant for both the car and the residence. This search led to the discovery of the gun believed to have been used in the crime.

According to the sheriff’s office, the incident was sparked by an ongoing lovers’ quarrel, which prompted the three teenagers to visit Gilbert’s residence and vandalize it by egging it. However, when Gilbert noticed the vandalism, he confronted the alleged vandals, causing them to flee back to their car. Authorities say Gilbert was unarmed, but as he approached the car, Maughon, who was in the backseat, grabbed a gun and shot him multiple times. The car then sped away, leaving Gilbert’s body in the middle of Dobbins Mill Road.

Sheriff Darrell Dix emphasized that all three teenagers are equally responsible for the crime, as they planned and executed it together. Dix condemned their actions, highlighting that they went to egg a house, but their encounter with the victim resulted in his tragic death.

The details surrounding the incident remain unclear. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working to gather more information about the circumstances that led to the deadly confrontation. The three teenagers are currently in custody and will face the charges brought against them.