Murder suspect caught after killing news anchor’s mother

GROTON, CT – In a successful multi-state law enforcement collaboration, Vermont State Police announced the capture of a man suspected in a murder case dating back to February. The victim was the mother of a prominent television news anchor and former beauty pageant winner.

Shawn Conlon, 44, was arrested in Groton, Connecticut by Rhode Island State Police, local law enforcement, and U.S. Marshals. He is expected to face arraignment proceedings in Connecticut prior to extradition back to Vermont. There, he will be officially charged with second-degree homicide related to the death of 73-year-old Claudia Voight of Vermont.

Claudia Voight was initially suspected to have passed due to a medical event at her home on February 20th. However, an autopsy later revealed that her death resulted from neck compression, confirming foul play. The victim was the mother of well-known NBC Connecticut news anchor and former Miss Connecticut 2006, Heidi Voight.

Investigations into the case led to the unearthing of details that Conlon had been renting a room in Claudia Voight’s home and, despite ceasing payments in late 2022, continued to remain in the residence until her death was reported. Vermont State Police has maintained the belief that this was not a random act of violence.

After his arrest, Conlon was held on a $1 million bail on a fugitive charge. He is facing extradition back to Vermont to be officially charged with murder. Conlon now awaits his transfer while in custody at Groton police. Claudia Voight’s daughter, Heidi Voight, publicly expressed her grief regarding her mother’s tragic death, emphasizing her strength and determination to fight.