NBA player and a 19-year-old woman conspired to kill 23-year-old woman

LAS VEGAS, NV – An NBA G-League player, Chance Comanche, has reportedly confessed to the brutal murder of a Nevada woman, Marayna Rodgers, involving a perverse sexual deception with another woman, Sakari Harnden, as per Las Vegas police.

Last week, Comanche and Harnden, 19, were initially arrested on kidnapping charges. However, on Sunday, the police confirmed their responsibility in Rodgers’ murder. The planning for this heinous act reportedly began on November 30, as per Harnden’s arrest report.

Comanche, a player for the Stockton Kings, was arrested at the team’s practice facility in Sacramento County, California, by the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Bureau. Following his arrest, the team severed ties with Comanche. After his booking into jail, he divulged further details about the murder.

The report suggests that Comanche and Harnden, who previously dated, conspired to kill Rodgers due to an alleged dispute over a Rolex watch. Comanche also reportedly tried to involve a friend in the murder plot, but when the friend refused, he and Harnden devised a plan to lure Rodgers into a car under the pretense of a sexual act.

The report states that Comanche admitted to strangling Rodgers with an HDMI cord and then, with Harnden, disposing of her body in Henderson, concealed under rocks. He was able to pinpoint the location of the body on a map.

Harnden now faces charges of open murder, possession of stolen property, and theft, according to online jail records. Comanche remains in California custody without bail.

Comanche, a 6’10” center, had a brief stint in the NBA with the Portland Trail Blazers during the 2022-2023 season and has made 24 appearances for the Stockton Kings over the past two seasons.