Multiple fatalities in mass shooting at Baltimore area university

BALTIMORE, MD – An unsettling event occurred on Tuesday night near Morgan State University (MSU) in Baltimore, Maryland. Local police were called to an active shooter situation involving several victims at a student dormitory on Argonne Drive.

MSU is a public research university known for its historical significance as a black institution and currently hosts over 9,000 students. In response to the incident, the university issued a shelter-in-place directive and confirmed on its website that an investigation was in progress following reports of gunfire on or near the campus.

The Baltimore Police Department confirmed the involvement of multiple victims but did not provide a specific count. They urged the public to steer clear of the area and maintain the shelter-in-place directive.

Family members worried about their loved ones were advised by the university and local law enforcement to stay away from the campus. They were directed to a nearby Safeway location for further updates on the situation.

Requests for comments on the incident were not immediately answered by the Baltimore Police Department and MSU campus police.