Woman held live in maid hostage and tortured her

WYLIE, TX – A 37-year-old woman from Wylie, Texas, Alicia Calderon, has been handed a 75-year prison sentence following her conviction for a brutal case of domestic torture. The verdict was announced by Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis, who described the case as one of unthinkable cruelty.

In 2019, Calderon had convinced a young woman to move into her family’s trailer, promising her free accommodation in return for housekeeping, childcare, and care for an elderly woman. However, the seemingly beneficial arrangement soon turned into a living nightmare for the victim.

Calderon began her reign of terror by confiscating the victim’s phone, limiting her food, and restricting her freedom of movement. The victim was then confined to a room with the elderly woman, whose health was rapidly deteriorating. Calderon’s abuse escalated in July 2021 when she poured boiling water on the victim as punishment for sneaking food, causing severe burns.

The victim was denied medical attention for her injuries and was subjected to further physical abuse, including being locked in a dog crate and having more boiling water poured on her. The victim’s cry for help was finally heard in February 2022 when she managed to send a Facebook message to her stepfather using a borrowed phone.

The victim’s stepfather promptly alerted the authorities and rushed to the trailer. When the police arrived, they found the victim severely malnourished and covered in burns. The elderly woman in the victim’s care was also found in a dire state.

During Calderon’s trial, it was revealed that she had been exploiting the elderly woman’s finances, spending $78,000 of her inheritance in just three months and cashing her social security checks for years. The funds were wasted on non-essential items such as party rentals, vehicle rims, and tattoos.