One dead and two wounded in shootout

On Monday, a shootout occurred at a gas station on the 6200 block of Woodland Avenue, in Cleveland, involving three men exchanging fire.

The incident killed 33-year-old Samuel Tinsley from Euclid at the death scene and injured two others, according to police reports.

The police received a report for the shooting incident at around 6:45. Then, they went to the scene to investigate the incident.

When officers arrived, they found the victim lying on the ground inside the store located at the gas station. According to the Cleveland Division of Emergency Medical Services’ investigation, he was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body.

Meanwhile, two out of the three suspects sustained gunshot wounds.

Shootout chronology

The Homicide Unit and Real Time Crime Center of Cleveland PD investigated and found the facts about the incident. The authorities indicated that Tinsley was inside the gas station’s store with other suspects.

Later, three men entered the shop. One of the trio carried an automatic rifle, an AR15. The AR15-armed man then got into a fight with Tinsley and fired shots at him.

Tinsley then returned fire, and a man, who was with him in the shop, also opened fire. The gunman and the second shooter were shot at the location.

Another man who came inside with the AR15-armed man then shot Tinsley, who was lying on the ground.

The suspects escaped with a vehicle outside the store. Shortly after, the police caught up to the suspects and stopped them at 89th Street and Carnegie Avenue.

The authorities later declared Tinsley dead at the scene.

A 24-year-old suspect with the AR15 had suffered gunshot wounds to his legs from the shootout. He was later taken to University Hospital Cleveland for treatment, while another suspect arrived at the same place with a private vehicle. The third man was taken straight to the Cuyahoga County Jail, where the second man followed after his treatment.