Chicago New Year’s Day assaults kill two children

On January 1, two suspects attacked two children in their respective houses. A suspect shot one child and another culprit stabbed the other child to death.

According to reports, the first victim, a nine-year-old boy, was fatally shot inside a home on Chicago’s South Side.

The nine-year-old boy was found by the police and taken to Corner Children’s hospital Sunday night, per police reports. Officials identified the boy as Jarvis Watts.

“It appears that he suffered from the gunshot wound while inside the residence,” said Chicago Police Commander Sean Joyce. “There are multiple children and adults in the house. All of the people who were present at the time are currently being interviewed by our detectives.”

Joyce explained that the police had not identified the shooter. Also, they were unsure of how many gunshot wounds Watts suffered.

“It’s too early to tell about negligence involved,” Joyce said.

The police also said there was no apparent motive as to why the unidentified culprit shot Watts.

Man stabs grandson

The other assault occurred at a house, on Labadie Drive, in Richland Hills. The Richland Hills Police Department explained that they responded to a 911 call from someone around 7:30 a.m. The officers then went to the reported location and found the body of a boy stabbed to death. The deceased body was later identified as 8-year-old Brenym McDonald.

A Richland Hills Officer, Sheena McEachran, reported that the officers found and identified the murder weapon.

“There was a weapon, an edged blade weapon involved in this incident and that weapon has been recovered,” said McEachran.

McDonald’s great-grandmother, Linda Hubbard, explained that he and his parents were living with the grandfather, 62-year-old Phillip Hughes.

After further investigation, the police named Hughes as the culprit. He was arrested by the police when they found him through a doorbell camera, walking a few blocks away near the middle school.

McEachran explained that the police were in the investigation process, especially on Hughes’ motive to stab McDonald.