Kidnapping suspect killed after exchanging gunfire with officers

CHATTANOOGA, TN – A high-stakes pursuit originating in Georgia ended in a deadly shootout on Tennessee’s Interstate 75 on Sunday. The chase involved a man suspected of child abduction and assaulting a police officer, who was fatally shot. The incident also resulted in injuries to two deputies.

The chase began when authorities attempted to apprehend 31-year-old Tyler L. Roberts in Catoosa County, Georgia. The pursuit, involving deputies from both Georgia and Tennessee, took a dangerous turn on Interstate 75.

Upon reaching Hamilton County, Tennessee, additional deputies joined the chase. They deployed tire deflation devices in an effort to halt Roberts’ vehicle. When the vehicle stopped, the situation took a deadly turn.

Roberts allegedly began shooting at the deputies, who retaliated, leading to his death. The gunfire exchange left two Hamilton County deputies injured, who were later taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The child, believed to be kidnapped by Roberts, was found safe but was taken to a hospital for a routine check-up.

Hamilton County Sheriff Austin Garrett expressed his concern over the incident, emphasizing the daily risks faced by law enforcement officers. He noted that the suspect was seemingly desperate to escape, regardless of the potential danger to others. Additional information about the incident is still pending.