Dallas landlord arrested for allegedly murdering tenant

DALLAS, TX- Landlord Damien Walker has been apprehended by local law enforcement after allegedly shooting and killing his tenant. Walker, who is currently detained in Dallas County Jail, is facing a murder charge. The victim, identified as 51-year-old Absolom Cobbs, was reportedly residing in the house owned by Walker, where the fatal shooting occurred. The victim’s family stated that Cobbs had moved out of his own home two years prior and had been living in the rented property.

The scene of the crime, a house on Denley Drive in South Dallas, still bears the remnants of crime scene tape. According to police reports, Walker, aged 45, shot and killed Cobbs on Monday morning. Court documents reveal that Walker had arrived at the house shortly before noon on Monday with the intention of asking Cobbs to leave, suspecting him of selling drugs from the property. Interestingly, it was Walker himself who dialed 911, admitting to the operator that he had shot Cobbs multiple times.

While on the call, Walker informed the operator that he was planning to leave the scene and return to his own residence on Trojan Street, approximately four miles away, to await the arrival of the police. He was subsequently arrested and taken into custody.

During his interview with investigators, Walker claimed that he was uncertain whether Cobbs was officially living at the property, but was aware that the tenant had allowed Cobbs to stay there. Walker alleged that Cobbs had initiated a physical confrontation, prompting him to draw his firearm and shoot Cobbs. He further stated that he shot Cobbs several more times while he was on the ground, fearing that Cobbs was reaching for a weapon. However, Walker admitted that he never actually saw Cobbs in possession of a weapon.

Detectives did find a firearm in a separate room in the house, but no weapons were found in the room where Cobbs was shot. Walker has been charged with murder and his bond is set at $500,000. His records indicate no previous criminal cases. Cobbs, on the other hand, had a history of felony and misdemeanor drug arrests. However, he had no charges related to distribution.

The arrest affidavit also revealed that Walker’s girlfriend was present outside the house in a car during the shooting. Surveillance footage showed Walker exiting the house and entering the car with his girlfriend after eight gunshots were heard from inside the property.