Florida teen arrested for fatal stabbing of Uncle

MELBOURNE, FL – A Labor Day weekend family dispute turned deadly in Melbourne, Florida, when a 17-year-old boy allegedly stabbed his uncle. The Melbourne Police Department apprehended the teenager following the incident, which occurred at the Palm View Cove apartment complex on Sunday evening.

The teenager, whose identity remains undisclosed, was sharing the apartment with his mother, uncle, and his uncle’s girlfriend. According to police reports, the boy and his mother became embroiled in a heated argument between the uncle and his girlfriend.

In the midst of the family feud, the teenager is said to have grabbed a steak knife from the kitchen. The altercation eventually cooled down, but as the uncle was returning to his room, the boy is accused of stabbing him in the neck.

The uncle was immediately taken to a local hospital, but he did not survive his injuries. The police have yet to disclose the specifics of the argument or the identities of those involved.

The teenager is currently held at a juvenile detention center and is facing charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault.