Abducted baby found dead in car, ‘naked’ dad found nearby

IDAHO FALLS, ID – In a tragic incident that has shaken the state, a months-old infant, Zeke Best, was found dead in a forest region near Idaho Falls on Saturday. The discovery occurred just moments after the child’s father, Jeremy Albert Best, was found naked and speaking incoherently in the vicinity, according to the local police.

The police began their search for the infant after a hunter reported seeing a man in a sleeping bag, which led to the discovery of Jeremy Best, who was identified as the baby’s father and is suspected of his murder. The police characterized his behavior as uncanny, given his state of undress and bizarre statements.

The search for the father and son kicked off on Thursday night. Best, 48, was accused of committing murder against his wife, Kali Jean Randall, 38, in their home shortly after undergoing a psychological assessment. Earlier that Thursday, Best was detained by the police for wandering around a neighborhood store fully undressed, the police reported.

Surveillance footage from the store revealed some of the suspect’s strange actions. He was leaning heavily on the counter near the cash register and apparently lifting a cigarette. Subsequent to this incident, Best was dispatched via ambulance to a hospital where he was evaluated for both physical and mental health concerns. However, following his discharge on the same day, it is alleged that Best went home and committed murder before abducting Zeke.

The local police issued an Amber Alert, referring to Best as a potentially armed and extremely dangerous homicide and abduction suspect. Best’s black SUV was discovered down an embankment around 9:15 a.m. on Saturday, similar to the location where hunters found him.

Although the location of Zeke’s body or the specifics of his death were not disclosed, he was confirmed dead at the scene by officials. After being treated for his condition, police placed Best into custody based on an arrest warrant related to Randall’s death.