Woman loses both legs to dog attack

FORT DODGE, IA – A woman in Iowa is facing a long road to recovery after a brutal attack by three pit bulls resulted in the loss of both her legs and the need for facial reconstructive surgery.

The incident occurred at the home of Brittany Skoland in Fort Dodge on November 24. Police were dispatched to the scene following a distress call from a neighbor who heard cries for help. Upon arrival, officers found Skoland being mauled by the dogs.

Despite the officers’ attempts to deter the dogs, the animals continued their assault. In a desperate move to save Skoland, an officer was compelled to use his firearm, resulting in the death of all three pit bulls.

Skoland’s injuries were severe. She was initially transported to Unity Point Trinity Medical Center, but the extent of her injuries necessitated an emergency airlift to Des Moines for treatment at the Iowa Methodist Medical Center.

Skoland’s injuries included the loss of both her legs and parts of her hands, as well as extensive damage to her face that will require reconstructive surgery. “She has had both legs amputated to her knees and parts of her hands. She is going to need facial reconstruction surgery, she also has serious head trauma and much more,” shared Teresa Hanus, Skoland’s aunt.

In response to the tragedy, Skoland’s family is rallying to raise funds to support her recovery and adapt her home to accommodate her new physical limitations. These modifications include the installation of a wheelchair ramp and the widening of doorways.

The incident is currently under investigation by local law enforcement, but no charges have been filed at this time.