Manhattan woman found dead in trash chute

MANHATTAN, NY – A resident of Brooklyn, Jaclyn Elmquist, was found dead at the bottom of a compactor chute in a Manhattan condo building. Law enforcement sources suggest that the woman might have gone missing a day before her disturbing discovery. Jaclyn Elmquist, 24, was not a resident of the building where her body was found.

Surveillance footage obtained reveals that the woman was seen erratically stumbling down West 28th Street late in the evening the day prior to her discovery. In the video, she was observed struggling to open several doors along the way, although it remains unclear how she gained access to the residential complex.

The connection between her mysterious death and a missing person’s case is under investigation by the police. The said case involves a woman in her twenties who was last seen entering a cab at a restaurant nearby.

While the sequence of events leading to Elmquist’s death are still shrouded in mystery, investigators are yet to find evidence that the death involves criminal activity. The cause and manner of Elmquist’s death will be determined by the city’s medical examiner in the days to come.

The deceased woman’s body was initially found by a maintenance worker at the apartment complex. The worker was taking out the trash at the time of the disturbing discovery. Residents of the building were horrified to learn of her devasting fate.