A Somalian refugee let into Sweden strangles his pregnant Swedish girlfriend

ÖREBRO, SWEDEN – A 22-year-old Somalian refugee, identified as Mohamedamin Abdirisek Ibrahim, has been formally charged with the alleged murder of his pregnant girlfriend, 20-year-old Saga Forsgren Elneborg. The murder, believed to be an honor killing, took place in April 2023 in the city of Örebro, located two hours from Stockholm.

According to the prosecutor, Elizabeth Anderson, Ibrahim allegedly suffocated and strangled Elneborg, who was seven months pregnant at the time. The motivation behind the murder, Anderson suggests, was to maintain or restore his and his family’s honor, given their strict Muslim beliefs.

A comprehensive 1,000-page arrest report contains shocking images of the crime scene, including a lamp cord believed to have been used in the murder. The report also includes text message exchanges between the couple, revealing Ibrahim’s apprehension about revealing Elneborg’s pregnancy to his family.

The investigation found no evidence that Ibrahim had informed his family about his relationship with Elneborg or her pregnancy. It was also discovered that Ibrahim had previously suggested Elneborg consider an abortion. Elneborg, who had planned to move in with Ibrahim a week later, sent her last message to him just after midnight on April 29.

Following this, it is alleged that Ibrahim went to Elneborg’s home and strangled her, resulting in the death of both Elneborg and her unborn child. Despite the evidence, Anderson stated there is no proof that Ibrahim had any involvement in the crime. However, she pointed out that Ibrahim was raised in a culture of honor, which may have influenced his actions.