Ten-year-old boy confesses to murdering stranger

NIXON, TX – A South Texas boy, aged 10, revealed to investigators that he had killed 32-year-old Brandon O’Quinn Rasberry in 2022, according to the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office. The confession came about while the boy was under questioning for allegedly threatening to murder a fellow student. However, due to state law, the boy cannot face charges for the murder due to his age at the time of the crime.

The child, whose identity has been withheld, was being questioned regarding threats made to another student during a bus ride. At that time, he admitted to causing the death of Rasberry, providing first-hand information about the incident dating back to January 18, 2022.

The boy reportedly told investigators that he had been visiting his grandfather at an RV park near Rasberry’s residence on the day of the murder. The child admitted to taking a pistol from the glove box of his grandparents’ truck and entering Rasberry’s RV. He then shot Rasberry once, causing fatal injuries. The boy claimed he had not had any prior interaction with Rasberry.

Forensic evidence, recovered on April 12, corroborated the child’s confession. Investigators discovered the murder weapon in a local pawn shop and were able to match shell casings from the crime scene to the gun. Despite the evidence and confession, the Texas Penal Code prevents charges from being brought against the boy for the 2022 murder due to his age at the time of the crime.

The victim’s brother, Jonathan Fojtik, expressed heartbreak over the revelations, memorializing his brother as a loving individual who would “give the shirt off his back.”

The child currently faces charges related to the bus incident and is in a juvenile detention center awaiting court proceedings.