Murdered woman’s body found hidden in closet

DALLAS, TX – Dallas resident, Omar Lucio, 34, has been charged with the murder of 27-year-old Corinna Johnson. An arrest affidavit revealed that responding officers found Johnson’s lifeless body hidden in Lucio’s closet.

Family members of the deceased had reportedly warned her numerous times to sever ties with Lucio. Police were alerted to the scene by the Garland Police Department, who had received an anonymous 911 call stating that a woman, beaten to death, was inside Lucio’s Wheatland Road apartment.

Officers arriving at the suspect’s residence encountered Lucio, who refused to leave his apartment. Following an hour-long stand-off, Lucio was apprehended.

Detectives, conducting an internal search of Lucio’s apartment, found traces of blood leading from the entrance, through the bathroom, and to a bedroom closet. The victim’s body was discovered inside this closet, wrapped in Lucio’s bedding. An examination of Lucio’s car revealed bloody garments.

A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, called the police after visiting Lucio’s apartment in the early morning hours of April 14. She had been asked for her help by Lucio, who confessed over drinks that he had “knocked some sense into” Johnson, causing her to lose consciousness.

The woman later told authorities that upon her arrival at Lucio’s residence, she found the victim on the bathroom floor with severe facial injuries, seemingly lifeless. She called the police the following day.

Lucio confessed to lashing out at Johnson in his car and physically assaulting her. His hands exhibited noticeable injuries, with traces of blood found under his fingernails and on his shoe. He did not offer details as to how Johnson’s body ended up wrapped in bedding within the closet.

Johnson’s family remembers her as a joyful mother to a 7-year-old child. They had repeatedly expressed their concerns about her relationship with Lucio, fearing it would lead to tragic consequences.

Lucio is currently in custody at the Dallas County Jail on charges of murder, as well as several counts relating to street racing and causing bodily injury through a collision.

A fundraiser, planned by Johnson’s family to cover funeral expenses, is set to take place at the Daiquiri Dash in Arlington at noon on Saturday.