A woman killed a man and shot his 7-year-old daughter after belligerence over a refund

Samantha J. Thrasher, a 24-year-old Kansas City resident, is facing heavy legal consequences after a violent outburst at a Blue Springs hotel last Monday in Missouri.

Witnesses say that Thrasher nearly ran into a 36-year-old man and his 7-year-old daughter on their way into the hotel, following which Thrasher marched into the lobby and demanded a refund.

Refused of her request, an employee reported Thrasher launched into a tirade prior to yanking her hair and punching her. The man then interceded and escorted the miscreant out of the building, yet Thrasher returned in short order, retrieving a handgun from a tan Chevy Tahoe.

When she did, she let off multiple shots, leaving the 36-year-old man seriously injured in the ICU and the 7-year-old with gun-blast induced wounds to her elbow. The man died of his injuries and the daughter had to under go reconstructive surgery.

Thrasher was officially charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action from the Blue Springs Police. The police are officially calling for the public’s help in apprehending Thrasher.