State trooper shot dead during search for suspect

In a tragic incident in southern West Virginia, a state police officer lost his life to a shooting on Friday. The suspect, subsequently identified and apprehended, is now in custody, according to official reports.

The officer, Sgt. Cory Maynard, was confirmed to be the victim by Governor Jim Justice in a press statement. Profoundly affected by the incident, Governor Justice and First Lady Cathy Justice expressed their deepest condolences to Sgt. Maynard’s family.

Praising the unwavering bravery of law enforcement officers and first responders, Governor Justice emphasized their inspirational commitment to ensuring public safety, even at the risk of their own lives.

The incident unfolded when police officers, responding to a shooting report in the Beech Creek region of Mingo County, were greeted with gunfire. Sgt. Maynard, critically injured, was immediately rushed to a local hospital in Logan.

Following an intensive search operation, the suspect, 29-year-old Timothy Kennedy from Beech Creek, was apprehended on Friday night, as announced by the State Police in a brief statement. There were no further injuries reported, and the specific details of the incident remain undisclosed.

Local media reports highlighted that residents in the vicinity were instructed to remain indoors during the search operation. Additionally, the Friday night graduation ceremony at Mingo Central High School was deferred.

Mingo County has previously experienced similar tragedies, notably the fatal shooting of Sheriff Eugene Crum in April 2013, and the infamous “Matewan Massacre” of 1920. Also, the region is known for the historical Hatfield-McCoy feud, adding to its volatile reputation.