Six missing women mysteriously found dead in Oregon

In Clackamas County, Oregon, the remains of 22-year-old Ashley Real were found. Her tragic fate mirrors that of five other women in the past half year, all found lifeless within a 100-mile radius of Portland, predominantly in isolated rural or forested locations.

Detectives across multiple agencies, including the Polk and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Offices, are diligently pursuing leads to establish potential connections between these unsolved cases.

Real was last seen in late March, frequenting a fast-food restaurant and transit center in Portland. The images captured of her on surveillance were among the last recorded before her life was cruelly cut short in the dense woodland near Eagle Creek.

Joanna Speaks also met a similar tragic end. Missing since late March, she was found dead on April 8th in a secluded area of Clark County. The medical examiner confirmed the cause of her death as blunt head and neck injuries, and classified it as a homicide.

The women’s deaths, along with a third victim named Bridget Webster, highlights a disturbing pattern.

The body of Charity Perry was also discovered on April 24th in Ainsworth State Park, after she went missing in early March. The remains of Kristin Smith, who disappeared in December 2022, were found on February 19 in Portland.

On the very same day Perry’s remains were found, another woman’s unidentified body was discovered near Interstate 205 in Portland. The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office described her as potentially Native American or Native Alaskan, aged between 25 and 40, with distinct tattoos and scars.

Possible connections between these cases remain unclear.