Woman arrested for setting her Tinder date on fire

MIAMI, FL – An alarming incident has led to the arrest of a 25-year-old woman in Miami, who is now facing attempted murder, aggravated battery, and arson charges. Destiny Lenai Johnson is accused of setting her Tinder date and his car on fire.

The man, whose identity remains unspecified, told authorities he first met Johnson via Tinder on November 16. After meeting and partaking in marijuana at a Holiday Inn Express on N. Kendall Drive, he returned Johnson to the same location.

Nine days later, on November 25, the man was called again by Johnson for another meeting at the hotel. However, upon his arrival, she requested money to repair her car, according to the police report. When he offered the $60 he had on him, she reportedly grew agitated, exclaiming, “you guys are out to get me!”

Johnson then allegedly proceeded to pour a liquid- described as yellow and smelling like gasoline- from a gallon jug onto his car seat. Moments later, she ignited the liquid with a lighter, setting both the vehicle, the victim, and herself aflame.

The man managed to escape the vehicle, subsequently extinguishing the flames by rolling on the asphalt. However, his car was entirely consumed by the fire. Meanwhile, Johnson fled the scene on foot.

A few hours post-incident, police located Johnson as a result of a report about a naked, burned woman who confessed to blowing up a vehicle. Following medical treatment for her burns, Johnson was taken into police custody on Monday. Details about legal representation for Johnson are not available at this time.