Walmart employee shoots two victims inside store

FAYETTE COUNTY, GA – The search is on for a 19-year-old Walmart employee suspected of a shooting that occurred within the retail store and left two injured, authorities said. The Fayetteville police were alerted Friday night about a shooting at a Walmart store on Pavillion Parkway.

Upon arrival, officers discovered Antavius Holton, 19, and a nine-year-old girl wounded by bullets. They were immediately transported to the hospital. Tragically, Holton succumbed to his injuries while the child remains in a stable condition.

The alleged shooter has been identified as Adrian Jelks, an employee at the store. The outcome of the police investigation suggests the assault was aimed at Holton specifically, making it an isolated incident. The nine-year-old girl, according to authorities, was an unintended victim hit by a stray bullet.

Commenting on the situation, officers communicated their dismay over the young girl’s injury, expressing that her stable condition was a bright spot amid the tragedy. The suspect, Jelks, fled the scene in a vehicle after the shooting but soon abandoned it. He is currently on the run and is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Authorities have also arrested Sandra Romero-Nunez, 19, and charged her with party to a crime, including homicide and aggravated assault. Her exact involvement in the incident remains unclear. Anyone with information about Jelks’ present location is urged to contact 911.

A statement from Walmart’s corporate office bemoaned the tragic event that unfolded in their Fayetteville location and extended sympathies to those affected. The retail giant assured full cooperation with law enforcement in their investigation.