Two men killed at 21st birthday party

JACINTO CITY, TX – Tragedy marred what was meant to be a joyful celebration when a 21st birthday party in Jacinto City, Texas turned deadly after a shooting incident claimed two lives. More than 50 people, including a live band, were present at the late-night gathering on Muscatine Street when shots rang through the air.

According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, local enforcement was alerted about the shooting around 1 a.m. Upon arrival at the party’s location in the 11000 block of Muscatine Street, authorities found two people critically wounded.

Neighborhood resident Laura Hearren described the disturbing sounds, mentioning an initial loud boom followed by multiple quick gunshot sounds.

The two victims, Christian Rangel, 30, and Candelario Gonzalez Jr., 22, were promptly transported to a nearby hospital, where both succumbed to their injuries.

Sergeant Michael Ritchie of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office cited a minor verbal altercation as the likely trigger for the tragic incident.

Hearren recounted hearing rapid vehicle movement moments after the incident, suggesting individuals fleeing the scene.

The Sheriff’s Office has yet to confirm if the victims were part of the partygoers or if they instigated the conflict. They also indicated the possibility of another shooting victim, although this remains under investigation.