Two arrested after child’s body found in dumpster

MILWAUKEE, WI – Local authorities have apprehended two individuals, one being a 15-year-old, following the tragic discovery of a 5-year-old boy’s remains in a city dumpster on Thursday. The young boy, identified as Prince McCree, had been declared missing the prior afternoon, leading to an extensive search by the community and law enforcement.

Officials are currently examining the circumstances surrounding Prince’s death, with early indications pointing towards homicide. The location where Prince’s remains were discovered is roughly a mile away from his residence, intensifying concerns among residents regarding their safety.

According to sources, Prince was last spotted at his residence on Wednesday morning. As the hours went by and there was no sign of the young boy, his distressed parents initiated a search, going from house to house in a desperate attempt to locate their son. Their efforts were echoed by state Sen. LaTonya Johnson, who shared with local media that the community had been deeply shaken by the incident.

As investigations progressed, law enforcement promptly sent out an alert to media houses on Wednesday night about Prince’s mysterious disappearance. The subsequent discovery of his body has led the police to focus their attention on two individuals – a 27-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy, both now considered central figures in the unfolding investigation.

The entire community of Milwaukee is grappling with the shock and sorrow of this harrowing incident, emphasizing the need for tighter security measures to ensure the safety of their children.