Top Iranian Officials Send Terror Threat to Israel

( – To say Iran and Israel don’t have the best relationship is an understatement. Tensions are rising in the Middle East. Iran would love to see the other nation gone, and recent developments make it difficult to ignore the aggression coming from Iran towards Israel.

On December 24, Major General Hossein Salami threatened Israeli leaders, saying he is ready to combat any attack against Iran. The words came after an Iran military exercise, which the general referred to as a clear warning to the other nation. He said if they make any wrong moves, Iran will respond swiftly.

Not only did he caution against potential actions, but he also told the leaders to watch what they say because the only difference between a drill and retaliation is the direction of the missiles. He pointed out that empty threats from Israeli leaders forced his hand. Salami also said Israel is crumbling, and it may only take one move to bring the nation down.

The general also spoke of how the influence of the United States in the region is weak. He said any remaining presence needs to leave.

Such menacing words are nothing new. Iran has been combative for the past two years, issuing insults and telling Israel and others in the area to watch their backs.

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