Three teens shot outside high school

BALTIMORE, MD – In a distressing turn of events, three teenagers found themselves at the receiving end of gunfire just outside Carver Vocational Technical High School during the early hours of a school day. This incident, occurring on Friday morning, is another dark chapter in Baltimore’s ongoing battle with youth violence. The troubling fact remains that even though gun-related offenses have seen a decrease lately, the young citizens of Baltimore continue to be at risk, especially around educational institutions.

Kevin Jones, the Deputy Police Commissioner, presented a brief overview during a presser at the scene. He spoke of a possible confrontation that escalated into a shooting. Parents, stricken with worry, soon thronged outside the school. Discussions among these guardians revolved around the emotional and psychological toll such incidents are taking on the city’s younger generation. In light of the situation, the school administration decided upon an early release at 10:30 a.m.

Among those waiting was Shameka White, who voiced her frustrations over the limited information given by school officials. On the other hand, Sherry Christian, speaking on behalf of Baltimore City Schools, stated that efforts were made to keep parents informed, especially those directly impacted, using automated messages.

Two victims were students of the said high school. They were rushed to a nearby hospital for medical care, while a third individual managed to reach the hospital without assistance. This incident mirrors a previous one in September 2022, where a student was harmed in a similar setting.

Carver Vocational Technical High School is situated in a part of west Baltimore known for its challenges, from socio-economic hardships to recurring violent episodes.