Three people slain at apartment including worker who was doing welfare check

Authorities in Las Vegas are investigating a triple homicide that occurred in a west valley apartment complex. The bodies of two men in their 40s and an elderly woman were discovered by police during a welfare check. A maintenance worker who called 911 was among the deceased, while another worker was injured in the attack. A suspect has been arrested in connection with the deaths, and the investigation is ongoing.

According to Lieutenant Jason Johansson of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Section, a maintenance worker who had been called for a welfare check is believed to be one of the victims in the triple homicide. The incident took place at an apartment complex on West Flamingo Avenue. During a media briefing, Lt. Johansson provided new details about the ongoing investigation.

Inside the apartment, law enforcement officers discovered the bodies of two men in their 40s and an elderly woman in her 80s. Lt. Johansson explained that one person has been arrested in connection with the deaths and is also believed to have attacked another maintenance worker who sustained injuries at the scene. The injured worker, a 50-year-old Hispanic male, was the first to call 911, reporting that he had been stabbed.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers spoke to the injured maintenance worker, who informed them that the assailant was in a courtyard behind the apartment leasing office. The suspect was apprehended without incident. Described as a white male in his 30s, he was found carrying a large mace or sledgehammer-type instrument at the time of his arrest.

The surviving maintenance worker revealed that he and his colleague were asked to perform a welfare check at the apartment that morning. Upon entering, they discovered a disheveled apartment that appeared to be a crime scene. The suspect immediately confronted them and launched an attack. The injured worker managed to flee back to the leasing office, where he called 911. He was later transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Lt. Johansson stated that the other maintenance worker is believed to be deceased inside the apartment. The bodies of two additional victims, a man and a woman, were found in a bedroom. While their relationship to the suspect is unknown, it is believed that they lived together in the apartment. The police’s primary focus is to confirm the identities of the deceased individuals and determine the cause of the incident. Authorities are also working with the apartment management to understand the circumstances that led to the welfare check request.

A suspect has been arrested, and the investigation is ongoing to establish the identities of the victims and the motive behind the crime.