Three deputies arrested after making numerous fake dead-body calls

CHESTERFIELD, SC – Three former deputies of the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office have been apprehended in South Carolina, facing charges related to a series of prank calls that led to false emergency responses. The calls, made last week, falsely reported the locations of deceased individuals across several towns, causing unnecessary dispatches from local law enforcement and emergency services.

The accused individuals are First Sgt. Justin Tyler Reichard, Sgt. Darien Roseau, and Deputy Killian Loflin. The trio is now facing charges of Misconduct in Office, Criminal Conspiracy, and Aggravated Breach of Peace, as per the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

According to a SLED agent’s statement in a Feb. 4 arrest warrant, the deputies, while on duty, knowingly reported five false emergencies in the towns of Cheraw, Chesterfield, McBee, and Pageland. The false reports were made to either convenience stores or the respective local law enforcement agency, falsely informing them of a ‘dead body’ at a specific location.

The hoax calls led to unnecessary emergency responses from local law enforcement and other emergency services. The false reports have been deemed a significant misuse of resources and an abuse of the deputies’ positions.

Chesterfield Sheriff Cambo Streater, who requested the SLED investigation upon learning of the misconduct, confirmed that Reichard, Roseau, and Loflin have been terminated from their positions. The three former deputies have since been released on bond from the Chesterfield County Detention Center.

The felony charge of conspiracy that the trio now faces carries a potential sentence of up to five years in prison.