Texas man arrested after dispute with maintenance worker leads to murder

Devin Smith, a 29-year-old man from Fort Worth, Texas, has been apprehended by police and slapped with charges of murder following a shooting incident that took the life of a maintenance worker of an apartment complex he was living in.

The police department had received a call from an employee of the property who reported that a confrontation had ensued between Smith and themselves in the front office. Allegedly, Smith had been in response to correspondence received regarding his accommodation although the nature of the letters is unclear.

Once Carlos Aybar, the maintenance worker, appeared to help resolve the disagreement, things took a tragic turn for the worse. In a matter of moments, Smith allegedly shot the maintenance worker multiple times, ultimately killing him, before he fled to his own apartment where he was arrested soon after.

The Fort Worth Police Department is investigating the situation further, yet has not yet revealed any pertinent details about the incident. It has been confirmed, however, that Smith will be seen in court on May 1st and that he is being held in the Tarrant County Jail with a bond of 150,000 dollars.