Don Lemon fired from CNN

After 17 years with CNN, the veteran news anchor Don Lemon was suddenly fired on Monday.

Lemon’s termination followed numerous controversies and scandals that had plagued him over the past few years. The anchor tweeted to his followers in a state of shock and anger, claiming he had not received any notice of his dismissal. Afterward, CNN Chief Executive Chris Licht issued a memo stating that Lemon and the outlet were parting ways, and wished the anchor luck in all his future pursuits.

In December of last year, Lemon had a clash with and raised his voice to the co-anchor Kaitlan Collins on-air, leaving her upset. Furthermore, earlier this year he made a divisive comment that the Republican Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley was past her prime at 51, which caused heated backlash and he was subsequently required to enroll in formal training. He did not stay away from the morning show for long and returned the next day.

In addition to his challenges on air, Lemon was accused of creating a hostile work environment for his colleagues, including threats sent to one female coworker. Variety’s report about the alleged behaviour contained anonymous and unsourced material which was denied by CNN and labeled as “riddled with patently false anecdotes”.

Thanks have been exchanged between Lemon and his coworkers as he departs CNN. Most notably, the anchor acknowledged his coworkers as being some of the most talented journalists in the business. Going forward, an unknown figure is set to take his place and take on the morning show.

Annouced on a day that already saw a major media shake up with super star Fox anchor Tucker Carlson departing his network leading to speculation where he might land. Possibly CNN?