Brawling passengers shatter plane window mid-flight

A series of unruly altercations among passengers on an Australian flight from Cairns to Groote Eylandt resulted in an emergency landing and the arrest of four individuals. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Northern Territory Police collaborated to handle the incidents that unfolded on the evening of Thursday, April 20.

The flight was initially forced to turn back to Queensland after the first altercation erupted. A woman involved in the fracas was removed from the aircraft and charged with disorderly behavior on an aircraft, common assault, and failure to comply with safety instructions issued by the cabin crew.

Despite the initial incident, the same group of passengers resumed their unruly behavior when the flight took off once again. This led to another altercation, during which an internal window was shattered. Upon landing in Alyangula on Groote Eylandt, three more passengers were arrested by the Northern Territory Police.

A 23-year-old male passenger faced charges of intentionally endangering the safety of others, aggravated assault, property damage, disorderly behavior in a public place, and contravening a domestic violence order. Another 23-year-old female passenger faces similar charges.

Additionally, a 22-year-old passenger faced charges of commercial drug supply, drug possession, hindering a police officer, disorderly behavior, and possessing alcohol in a restricted area.

The three arrested passengers were scheduled to appear before the Darwin Local Court the following Monday.