Tables turned on armed thugs when homeowner takes a stand

LOS ANGELES, CA – Vince Ricci, a Los Angeles entrepreneur and concealed carry license holder, is calling for city officials to crack down on escalating crime rates. Ricci was recently forced to defend his family during a harrowing home invasion, highlighting the growing concern over public safety.

On a recent Saturday evening, Ricci was returning home from the gym when he was ambushed by two armed men attempting to break into his gated residence. He was suddenly faced with a gun to his back and another assailant charging at him.

The incident occurred around 7:30 pm while Ricci’s wife, a friend, their nanny, and his infant daughter were inside the house. The entire ordeal was captured on the home’s security cameras and has since gained significant attention on social media.

Ricci was casually walking towards his front door, engrossed in an audiobook, when the men approached him. He was holding a cup of hot tea and was searching for his keys when the confrontation began. Despite the sudden attack, Ricci managed to react quickly, striking one of the men with his hot drink before drawing his own weapon.

Having a concealed carry permit, Ricci was able to use his firearm to deter the intruders. He credits his swift response to his years of boxing training, asserting that although he’s not a professional fighter, he can hold his own in a dangerous situation.

The security footage shows the suspects fleeing under Ricci’s gunfire. One suspect managed to leap over a fence, while the other ran around a car in the driveway. Ricci is convinced that his firearm was instrumental in saving his and his family’s lives, stating that without it, they could have been seriously injured.

Ricci also shared that this wasn’t the first time his home had been targeted. His residence was burglarized in June, and his car was broken into a few months before that. He suspects a group of criminals driving a Dodge Charger with no license plates has been targeting homes in his neighborhood.

Ricci expressed dissatisfaction with the local police department’s handling of the case, stating that they neglected to collect all the evidence at the scene. He is urging Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon, to focus on prosecuting the criminals who are causing fear and distress among residents.

Originally from the Bronx in New York, Ricci is now considering leaving Los Angeles due to the worsening crime situation. He moved to LA seeking a better life, but the repeated criminal activities have forced him to rethink his decision.