Active shooter stopped outside middle school

MOUNT HOREB, WI – A situation involving an alleged active shooter outside a middle school in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin was effectively handled, according to the local school district. The district confirmed that all its schools were put on lockdown and parents were advised not to visit the campuses.

Mount Horeb, a town located roughly 25 miles west of Madison, the state capital of Wisconsin, was the scene of the incident. The school district reported that the individual, who was initially identified as an active shooter, was present outside the middle school on Wednesday. The district further clarified that the threat was effectively addressed, and no one within the school premises was harmed.

While there were no immediate reports of gunfire, the district confirmed that the alleged perpetrator was injured. The specifics of the injury were not disclosed. The district made several announcements on Facebook starting around 11:30 a.m., informing that all schools were on lockdown and parents should not attempt to visit any of the schools.

An initial sweep of the middle school did not reveal any additional threats, and no other individuals were reported injured, apart from the alleged shooter. The district did not provide further details about the incident. Local law enforcement in Mount Horeb were unable to provide additional information immediately. A representative from the school district office declined to comment.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office representative was also not available for immediate comment. The school district later announced plans to arrange buses to transport students from the schools to a designated location for family reunification.