Man stabbed after bringing a spear to 7-Eleven

BRADENTON, FL – An unexpected altercation involving a pocketknife and a spear at a 7-Eleven store led to the stabbing of a man and the subsequent arrest of a store clerk. The Bradenton Police Department issued a statement detailing the bizarre incident that ended with the arrest of 34-year-old Danny Waiters on aggravated battery with deadly weapon charges.

The skirmish occurred at a 7-Eleven store on 14th St. W., Bradenton, and culminated in Waiters allegedly stabbing a reportedly habitual spear-carrying man in his 60s following a heated argument.

Waiters recounted to the detectives that the victim approached him behind the 7-Eleven and initiated the arguing. Although the spear was present during their altercation, the man reportedly didn’t threaten Waiters with it.

The situation escalated after the store manager requested the spear-wielding man to leave. Waiters intervened, reigniting the dispute, which led to the man being stabbed with a pocketknife when he turned his back on the employees.

Waiters claimed he had attacked the man in anticipation that he was reaching for his spear. The victim was rushed to the hospital for surgery and is currently recuperating.

Waiters turned himself into local law enforcement on Wednesday, as indicated by the police statement.